Bringing the community together to develop Pittsburgh’s tourism ecosystem

VisitPITTSBURGH, along with our network of community partners, has worked to craft a 10-Year Tourism Development Plan (TDP) that establishes the foundation for a more impactful and prosperous tourism ecosystem. This plan was brought to life during the COVID-19 pandemic as a way to create actionable change for Pittsburgh’s tourism industry during a period where travel was halted nationwide. The Plan provides a roadmap for community partners to engage, collaborate and activate the TDP, while creating a new baseline for travel and tourism’s impact in Pittsburgh and Allegheny County.

With 40 strategies and 80 unique action items, the TDP is crafted in a way that is easy to follow, allows for public engagement, and most importantly, establishes Pittsburgh as a competitive industry leader within the tourism marketplace.


Targeted approaches lead to holistic development

The Tourism Development Plan is broken down into three main areas of focus: Experiences, Connectivity, and Industry. With each bucket representing a different developmental vertical, we have been able to build specific, targeted, and measurable action items that together increase the economic and community impact of tourism in Pittsburgh and Allegheny County.


Follow along as Pittsburgh progresses through the 10-Year Tourism Development Plan

Several action items found within the TDP are already underway! Follow along as we collaborate as a destination to move the needle and put more and more plans into action. As projects evolve, keep checking back to track progress in real-time.